Video Examination Information

Video Examinations

Examinations submitted by video are only accepted by agreement and only for advanced students.

We  offer video examinations for senior students, only in cases of illness, who require their examination as a pre-requisite for the next grade – ie. Level 9, 10, Advanced 1 and 2 candidates.

Students will be marked as per a live examination.  

For studios who are unable to be examined by a live examiner due to geographical location or small quantity of students (under the minimum requirement of 30 students), we may accept video examinations at our discretion.

Footage Quality:

Studios must use footage of a high quality in landscape view (NOT portrait).  The video must be shot with a senior teacher in the room to ensure validity and integrity of the examination. 

The video must not stop and start (ie. one video per examination entry).  Start recording at the beginning of the examination and stop at the end of the examination.

Before you submit your video entry, you must complete your online examination entry.

Once you have entered your examination candidates on the entry form, your video footage can then be uploaded to YouTube (select ‘Unlisted’ visibility to keep video private).  

Once uploaded into YouTube your video can then be uploaded directly to our website via your Navigation Portal(select ‘Submit a Video Examination’) and you will be required to share your video URL with us so that we can examine.

Exam and Video Guidelines:

All normal examination guidelines (as per the website) apply.  These include mirrors and windows to be covered, music operators to be out of view of the candidates or behind a screen. All candidates must wear their examination numbers front and back as normal.  Please view the website for all details if you need to refresh yourself.

A teacher is to sit at a desk in the place of the examiner.  He/she will ask for the exercises and guide the candidates as to how many students to dance at any given time.  All examination protocol applies (greeting the examiner, bow/curtsey at the completion of the examination).

The video must be taken in one shot (NO stopping or starting at all).  The video should have no editing.  No exercise/amalgamation/dance is to be stopped and re-filmed for any reason.  Any errors by the candidates in the video examination are to be treated as a natural part of the examination, as if it were live.

There should be no extended rest or breaks between exercises.

The footage must be shot in a wide enough view to ensure it shows the full bodies of candidates.

Students can be entered in groups of up to 4 candidates per examination. 

Any duo, partner or crew work will need to be presented individually if examinations are solo.

Due to the extended amount of time required to examine by video, examination pricing remains unchanged.

Improvisation/ Impromptu and Freestyle music will be sent to teachers prior to their examination at a time requested by the teacher.  This is NOT to be played to the students until the examination.

Examination reports, certificates (ribbons and badges if applicable) will be posted as normal.

Please do not hesitate in contacting APDA if you have any queries.

Examination Groupings

Any exercises that are continuous should be shown at least twice through.

Where there are multiple candidates in the video examination, exercises should be presented in the following groupings or less: