2025 Teacher Workshop – Bangkok

Workshop Timetable – 2025 :
9am – 4.30pm
Monday 13th January – Tap Evolution & Encore Theatre Dance
Tuesday 14th January – Agility Acrobatics (including teacher accreditation for Level 4 upwards)
Wednesday 15th January – La Beauté Ballet 
Thursday 16th January – Urban Ignition
Friday 17th January – Jazzaddict & Lucidity
Workshop Venue:
Hostbkk Studios
Workshop Address:
ชั้น4 ภัตตาคารจันทร์เพ็ญ 1030/1 ถนนพระรามที่ ๔ 
Chandrphen Restaurant 4th floor, 1030/1 Rama 4 Road, Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
Train Stop for Workshop:
MRT Lumpini Station
Exit 1
There are no less than 27 hotels within 15 minutes walking distance from the studio. You can view these using google maps.  We suggest considering nearby hotels as it can be very hot in January walking outside.
One of the most convenient hotels is AETAS Lumpini  – only a 1 minute walk from the studio (110 metres).  There are also many budget and luxury hotels within walking distance.  
The hotels near the studio are close to a park and walking distance to a shopping centre. The studio is 2km from the popular World Trace Center Shopping Centre. You will need to taxi there in the heat.
AETAS Lumpini – a 4 star hotel (1 minute walk, 110 metres)
SO/Bangkok (Sofitel) – a 5 star hotel (9 minute walk)
Tourist Information
From visiting Bangkok for examining we can give the following guidelines that you might find helpful…
Please check to see if you need a visa to visit Thailand. This will depend on what passport you are on.  My understanding is that Hong Kong, Australian and New Zealand passport holders do NOT require a tourist visa for a vacation in Bangkok but this is your responsibility to check to be sure.
City Vibe
Bangkok is BUSY! We love the energy and vibrancy but we’re all different.  Prepare yourself for crazy traffic, street food and an assault on your senses.  Thai people are fabulous and the food is delicious.  We feel safe always, but as with any foreign country, be sensible, take the normal safety precautions and stay in well-lit areas at night.  Walking can be tricky with crossing busy streets so sometimes getting transport is faster and cooler.
The temperature will generally be a high of 32 degrees celsius and a low of 22 degrees.  It is usually dry in January and if it rains, it will likely be light rain. Do pack layers as it is hot outside and then can be freezing in the air conditioned shops and indoors.
Getting around
Download Google Maps, you’ll need it!
Don’t drink tap water.  Buy bottled water.
Please research the cultural etiquette in Thailand for a respectful holiday.
Sawadee ka = “hello”
Kob kun ka = “thank you”  (pronouced Cob Coon Ka)
In Thailand you do NOT flush toilet paper down the toilet as the plumbing and drainage systems cannot cope with toilet paper.  There will always be rubbish bins provided to dispose of your toilet paper.  
Currency is Thai Baht (THB) and we recommend always carrying cash (notes) as there are some places which don’t accept cards.
Tipping is fine to do in quality restaurants otherwise tipping is not expected.  Some restaurants already include a surcharge but if not, a 10% tip is a good guideline.  
It is recommend that you DO tip taxis (these are very cheap!).
Grab is the equivalent of Uber in Thailand. We recommend you download the ‘Grab App’ before leaving.  You can use this app to travel by car or as a motorbike passenger which is normal in Bangkok traffic.  If you wish, you can tip using the app.
If you are catching a normal taxi it is very important that you choose a cab with a meter.  Ensure the meter is started once you get in the taxi otherwise you might get an inflated fee at the end of your trip. 
Tuk tuks are great fun and you shouldn’t leave Bangkok without having gone for a ride with the warm wind through your hair!  The pricing is more than taxis but worth the fun.  Just be sure to ask the price to your destination BEFORE you get in the tuk tuk so you know what you ride price will be. If you want an hourly fee or tour of the city, negotiate this before getting in.  A tuk tuk tour around balmy Bangkok is the ultimate way to see Bangkok day or night.
Trains are easy to catch and you will need to buy a BTS Sky Train card (different to the MRT).  
MRT is the Underground and you will also need to buy a card for the MRT or you can get single trip tickets from the machines or ticket booths.
There are some good outlet outdoor shopping centres (brands) near the airport.  One is Central Village Outlet (near airport).  Another is Siam Premium Outlets. Platinum Fashion Mall is a wholesale fashion area with over 2,000 shops and stalls. See the links to these shopping areas at the bottom of this email.   It’s a good idea to read up on these on the Trip Advisor website for tips and reviews. 
Discovering Bangkok
Some good tours are available on Trip Advisor and Get Your Guide.  We recommend downloading these apps and booking in advance.  We can recommend the following activities:
  • cycle tour
  • temples
  • Palace
  • night market
  • flower market
  • tuk tuk food and night tours
  • large weekend market –  Jatujak market 
  • railway market & floating market – (famous for the train going right through the market and all stalls have to lift their awnings to allow the train through!) also a relaxing and interesting floating market 
  • massages – these are firm, strong Thai massages.  Massage outlets are everywhere and a one hour massage will cost you approx 350BHT (or NZ$16). Bliss!
We recommend The Railway Market/Floating Market and the Tuk Tuk Night tour.  Book in advance to make sure you get in as they can sell out.  Arrive at your meeting point in plenty of time as it is easy to get lost in Bangkok!
National Anthem
In many places (airports, markets and government areas) the national anthem will play at 8am and 6pm. If you are in any of these places at these times you will need to stand still and be respectful as the anthem plays. You can move again once the anthem has finished playing.
If anyone is travelling on to Phuket for a holiday (domestic flight), there are some beautiful beaches to explore and the lovely town of Old Phuket. There are also some good shopping outlets.
Enjoy your time at workshop and discovering the vibrant personality of Bangkok.  
We can’t wait to see you there.