Urban Ignition – 2012 Scholarship Awards

All scholarship recipients receive a tuition scholarship to their studio to be dispersed by the studio owner, and a certificate of recognition.

Congratulations to the students and studios listed.

Scholarship Recipients

Maia Salesa – Victoria Phillips Academy (Auckland)

Level 1                               
Tienete O’Connor – The Dance Shed (Auckland)
Jessica Bourne – The Dance Shed (Auckland)

Level 2                               
William Louch – Aspire Arts Academy (Matamata)

Level 3                               
Georgia Primrose-Hore – Victoria Phillips Academy (Auckland)

Level 4                               
Isobel Toman – The Dance Shed (Auckland)
Kyla Jarman – The Dance Shed (Auckland)

Level 5                               
Morgan Norris – Aspire Arts Academy (Matamata)

Level 6                               
Stefanie Keyworth – Victoria Phillips Academy (Auckland)

Level 7                               
Lucy Crabb – Aspire Arts Academy (Matamata)

Level 8                               
Zeelan Talagi – Victoria Phillips Academy (Auckland)

Level 9                               
Kate Purdon – Victoria Phillips Academy (Auckland)

Level 10                                            
Kristy Hill – The Dance Shed (Auckland)